The Sith rule with an iron fist and only a few Jedi live. Will those few Jedi and Allies defeat the Sith and bring back Order and the Republic
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 Jedi Knight Skye

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PostSubject: Jedi Knight Skye   Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:06 pm

Name: Skye Lanith
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 5
Weight: 8st
Build: Slim and with feminine curves
Eyes colour: green
Hair colour: red
Race: Jedi


Rank- Jedi knight

Biography: Skye was born with a Jedi father. He disobeyed the rule against having children and when he was found out to be father of a child, he was banished from the Jedi ranks and sent, with Sky and her mother to Tatooine. There Skye was raised in isolation from most civilizations. In the desert plains, her father taught her everything he knew about becoming a Jedi and trained her briefly When the Jedi council learnt of Skye’s unofficial training, they took Skye from her parents and kept her in isolation until they decided to undertake her as a padawan. She followed and learnt from her master for many years and showed real promise. She therefore completed her training earlier than most and became a Jedi knight at the young age of sixteen. She shows intense skill with a lightsabre and knows how to fly most air vehicles at a basic level

Personality: Since she grew up in isolation, Skye is not a very social person and tends not to make many friends. She is quite timid and a quiet individual. She is however very determined and committed to the Jedi order

Training: combat, pilot
Force- Jedi
Force Movement (push, pull, levitate, drop, throw, grip/catch)
Force Jump (ability to jump higher than normal, land unharmed from great height) Animal Friendship
Mind Manipulation (persuasion, concealment, resistance)
Droid Kill (disable, destroy)
Force protect
Force Blast
Force Static field

Weapons- two purple lightsabers
Other- Jedi tunic, Hooded robe, Jedi Equipment Belt
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PostSubject: Re: Jedi Knight Skye   Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:20 pm

Approved started posting on Dantooine in the Jedi Enclave
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Jedi Knight Skye
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