The Sith rule with an iron fist and only a few Jedi live. Will those few Jedi and Allies defeat the Sith and bring back Order and the Republic
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 Mercedes Harmony Bainbridge

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PostSubject: Mercedes Harmony Bainbridge   Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:15 pm

Name: Mercedes Harmony Bainbridge
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 1
Weight: 7 stone
Build: Slim and weak, with a womanly figure but no muscle definition.
Eyes colour: Deep purple
Hair colour: Purple
Race: Jedi

Rank- Jedi Knight

Biography: Mercedes was born into a strict but very poor family. Her Father, Jonathon, brought her up roughly, forcing her to deal with many emotions from a very young age, in the vain hope that his only daughter would become a Jedi Knight. Mercedes’ mother of course, despised her husband’s way of bringing up their only child, and soon left him, taking away her daughter too. They lived in Dantooine for many years until finally Mercedes left home and went in search of her Father. She hadn’t told her Mother about her longing to know her Father again, but as soon as she left home, Mercedes went in search. She searched for two long years until finally finding out her beloved but strict Father was dead. It broke her heart and Mercedes trained vigorously to become the Jedi knight her Father wanted her to be. Soon after Mercedes left, her Mother passed away too, leaving the poor only daughter to train completely alone.
Now, as a knight, she hopes both her parents look down upon her with favour, with soft smiles upon their faces. She hopes…

Personality: Mercedes is always optimistic and very loving, and will always make it her priority to help others. She has a huge, warm heart and never stops loving people, even when they hurt her. She is easy to trust and very very loyal.

Training: Combat
Force- Jedi
Movement – Telekinesis
Speed – Can run very fast.
Weapons- A purple lightsaber and a green lightsaber. A dagger in her boot.
Other- Warrior clothes, light, loose fitting materials.
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PostSubject: Re: Mercedes Harmony Bainbridge   Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:35 pm

accepted! Have fun role playing!
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Mercedes Harmony Bainbridge
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