The Sith rule with an iron fist and only a few Jedi live. Will those few Jedi and Allies defeat the Sith and bring back Order and the Republic
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 Alana Lee

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PostSubject: Alana Lee   Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:38 pm

Name: Alana Lee
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 8st
Build: Slim and with feminine curves
Eyes colour: black
Hair colour: black
Race: Sith


Rank- Sith Marauder

Biography: Alana was born to two human parents who didn’t share much love for each other. They constantly argued and Alana’s father used to abuse her and her mother, leaving Alana feeling angry and upset. At first, Alana did nothing when her fathers rage sent her mother to her death, but over time, the hate and anger took over her emotions and she started lashing out against her father. She would scream at him, only to be screamed at back. Then, when she was twelve, she started using physical violence to get her point across. The Sith lords picked up on the force that regulated within her, giving her strength and power. They bribed her away from her parents and trained her in the ways of the Sith, keeping her well concealed from the Jedi until she was released to fight in a battle when she was twenty. She performed well and caused mass destruction among the Jedi ranks, sending panic throughout the council. The Sith awarded her the ranking of a Sith Marauder after the battle and she had been spreading havoc in battles ever since with her lightsaber. She has been said to have the skills with a lightsaber of someone with seven times her training. Being more connected with her lightsaber skills, her skilss with the force are less developed but she is still able to execute basic skills for her rank.

Personality: Alana is a very determined individual and quite often finds herself with a one track mind. She often allows her emotions to get the better of her and she can lash out easily against anybody who provokes her.

Training: combat
Force- Sith
Force Movement (push, pull, levitate, drop, throw, grip/catch)
Force Jump (ability to jump higher than normal, land unharmed from great height)
Mind Manipulation (persuasion, concealment, resistance)
Force protect
Force Blast

Weapons- red lightsaber
Other- Sith tunic, Hooded robe, Sith Equipment Belt

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PostSubject: Re: Alana Lee   Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:39 pm

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Alana Lee
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