The Sith rule with an iron fist and only a few Jedi live. Will those few Jedi and Allies defeat the Sith and bring back Order and the Republic
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 The Sith Rule

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PostSubject: The Sith Rule   Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:23 am

A great time of terror has taken the Galactic Republic to near-destruction from the now returned and powerful Sith under the cruel leadership of the black hearted Var an Kaleesh warlord and a fallen Jedi of great power now a Sith Lord is conquering all of the core worlds and the other rims and has completely obliterated Coruscant. Upon seeing the glistening city wide planet become bland grey the Republic knew it had lost the remains of the once grand fleet split off in all directions from the Sith and now a few Jedi live and those were the ones in the fleet and leave the Coruscant system only two Republic ship stood and fought one was under the command of Azalel Seiko a grand Jedi Knight and is a powerful as a grand master and the other under the command of Zek Terra. Azalel’s Republic Battle cruiser The Titan and The Bowleten open fire on two Sith cruisers and destroys them and going to leave but The Bowleten was hit and blew up as The Titan went in to Hyperspace leaving its blown up counterpart behind. Two Sith Cruisers follow The Titan through Hyperspace till they get to the planet Dantooine. The Three cruisers started a battle above this ancient and history stored planet. The Sith even though their number were two to one were easily out matched thank to Azalel’s Battle Meditation which enables through the force to encourage the will of his allies and sap the Enemies will to fight. With the battle of Coruscant lost and the Battle of Dantooine won Azalel had The Titan land on the planet and set on Base and sent out a beacon for the other Republic to know where they were. The Sith otherwise happy with the Republic’s Defeat move back the Korriban the Sith Home world to plan to get rid of the remnants of the Republic. Will you join the Sith and bring darkness to this Galaxy or will you be one of the Few that survived and plan to strike back with the Jedi or As the Few remaining Jedi or the Mercs and bounty hunters are willing to help the Sith or the Republic it is up to you do not fail or the penalty is Death either side you are on.
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The Sith Rule
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